Who We Are

MARINE & ENERGY TRADING CORPORATION (otherwise known as M&E Trading Corp.) is an integrated marine and energy trading company based in Delaware, USA.

M&E undertakes worldwide trading and physical supply of marine fuels (bunkers), marine lubricants and stores. We have very reliable associates around the globe who can supply bunkers and lubricants on our behalf with guaranteed excellent services tailored to our clients’ (shipowners and traders) needs at any particular location and time.

M&E has also invested on equipment and capacity for physical bunker and lubricant deliveries around North America (Houston, Long Beach, Vancouver etc),  West Africa (Nigeria, Rep. of Benin, Togo, and Ghana). And we guarantee “peace of mind” in bunkering.

M&E Corp. facilitates the acquisition of sweet crude oil and LNG lifting licenses and also trades on crude oil and LNG cargos.

M&E provides state-of-the-art maritime safety equipment; and in collaboration with reputable associates delivers training programs on diverse maritime areas.

M&E Corp. also organizes and represents a group of investors on sustainable maritime projects around the globe especially for West Africa and other developing countries; arranging and providing finance, consultancy and logistics for sustainable maritime projects.
As part of our mission, M&E intends to sponsor research and development (R&D) on marine renewable energy especially offshore wind power around the Gulf of Guinea.