Property Investment tips following Brexit

With uncertainty in the UK property market ahead of a potential Brexit, some commentators are seeing a wait-and-see approach in some areas in the UK.  However the long term prospects remain positive with an ongoing shortage of rental properties and rising rents leading to an attractive opportunity for potential landlords.

Such prospects are leading many to push forward with strategic investment plans, as we see a diminishing appetite to play the waiting game..

Investors can increase their chances of achieving returns by focusing on current areas with strong demand.  City centre properties are hugely popular from a rental perspective and homes in the right areas can generate very attractive yields.

JLL expects a perfect storm for buyers in Northern cities, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool as significant shortfalls in supply of suitable properties combines with increasing demand to live in these core city centres. 

While location is key, it’s also important for investors to look beyond the short term when considering suitable areas. Many are scheduled for significant redevelopment which will offer potential for growth in the long term, with buyers urged to consider where it all might be in five or ten years’ from now, rather than next year.

While less well known, the UK’s more regional cities outside of London, such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester are expected to continue to demonstrate growth as house prices and rents are amongst the fastest growing in the UK.

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